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nutritional support program

The Palestine Tomorrow Association distributes food parcels to families who do not have enough food in Gaza

Drinking water distribution

The Palestine Tomorrow Association distributes food parcels to families who do not have enough food for their day in the Gaza Strip

Medical aid and medicine

Providing medical assistance and medicines to those who suffer from various chronic diseases and are unable to afford the necessary medicine

Supporting the educational process

Palestine Tomorrow For Social Development seeks to develop the educational process in the Gaza Strip

About Us

Palestine Tomorrow Association for Community Development

Palestine Tomorrow for Social Development is a charitable organization established on 28 October 2006 and licensed by the Ministry of Interior (number 7630). The organization works in the Gaza Strip as a whole with focus on marginalized areas in north, east and south of the Gaza Strip with a population of over 700,000 people. The residents of these areas are mostly unemployed and poor with family members exceeding 9.

Women Empowerment Program

This program works on empowering women through training and developing skills to run their own business. This project serves 1,000 families annually

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Family Empowerment Program

This program works to enable the family to overcome its crises and pressures, and this project serves 1200 families annually

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برنامج تمكين الشباب

Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program serves 1,000 young men and women annually, with the aim of empowering and qualifying them for the local labor market

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جمعية فلسطين الغد للتنمية المجتمعية - تبرع الان للاسر المحتاجة

Psychological Support Program

In cooperation with international institutions, psychological support sessions are implemented for 1,000 marginalized and poor families in the Gaza Strip

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