Women Empowerment Program

Palestine Tomorrow for Social Development has adopted the program of women empowerment and has made it one of its main objectives. This is because the Palestinian women have an important role in building the society and supporting men to overcome all obstacles facing the Palestinian society. The needs of Palestinian women vary according to their status. Some of them are breadwinners working to meet the needs of their families and children and the others are widows and divorces.

Through this program, the organization aims to raise women’s awareness of their rights and duties to enhance their role in society and develop their cultural and health levels. Furthermore, it trains them how to manage their own business starting with planning, implementation, and procurement and marketing management ending with economic development, promoting living conditions and meeting various needs. Moreover, it directs and enables them to start their own projects matching their nature and surroundings to be self-reliant in improving their living conditions. This happens through providing them with the necessary cultural, educational and financial means and developing social relations towards greater balance and stability. Women’s empowerment projects benefit more than 1,000 women annually, as well.