Residential Restoration Project

Housing restoration project (rehabilitation and renovation of a poor family housing unit in Gaza)

With the generous funding of the Al-Banyan Society for Community Development in the sister State of Kuwait, the Palestine Society for Community Development completed the completion and implementation of the project for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of a housing unit for a poor family in Gaza within a "project package within Palestine 2023"; The project aims to provide an environmentally and hygienically secure home befitting the human being according to sound building standards, improve the health and psychological status of poor families, and contribute to the reduction of visual pollution and the spread of illness and diseases among family members.

The project had a positive impact on family members and felt satisfied and satisfied with their access to a healthy and environmentally qualified home, thereby reducing the prevalence of diseases and symptoms, improving the healthy environment of the house, improving the visual and aesthetic view after the restoration work, and contributing to alleviating the financial burden on the head of the household.