Project / water supply (providing and delivering water tanks to needy families) in Gaza 2023

With generous support from the Balad Al-Khair Association in the sisterly State of Kuwait, the Palestine Al-Ghad Association continues to distribute healthy drinking water to 250 of the poorest and most needy families in separate neighborhoods and areas of Gaza City and Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip governorate.

This project comes in compliance with the saying of the most honorable of creation, Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace: “The best charity is to give water.” And in light of the suffering of the Gaza Strip from the drinking water crisis, as 97% of the drinking water in the Strip is not suitable for drinking and does not meet the standards of the World Health Organization.

The project is expected to have a positive impact on the targeted families. It contributes to leaving a healthy impact on families and their families in recovering from diseases and kidney problems and urinary infections, and reduces the burden on heads of families who do not have a source of income that enables them to provide healthy drinking water, in addition to that the project will support the poor and needy and strengthen the bonds of social solidarity among members of society.