In cooperation with the International Primary Relief Society of Palestine tomorrow, organizes a cultural journey for the category of orphans and their incubators

To enable children and their incubators to access knowledge and raise awareness of cultural monuments and heritage. Palestine tomorrow organizes a cultural journey for orphans.


The Society of Palestine Tomorrow for Community Development, in cooperation with International Primary Relief, organized a cultural trip for the orphans and their incubators to the archaeological site of Tel Umam Amer (Saints' Convent Hilarion) in Central Governorate.

The trip was part of the activities of the international primary relief programme INTIQAL 2030, funded by the British Council and the French Development Agency.

The mission aims to provide children and their incubators with access to knowledge and raise awareness of Palestinian cultural monuments and heritage. A number of children and their incubators enjoyed learning about Gaza's most important # monuments by asking their different questions/n and exchanging information with each other in a motivational and dynamic environment; Children interact with nature's joyful ingredients.

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