Palestine Tomorrow Association implements the effectiveness of psychological support for mothers and orphaned children

Gaza / Department of Public Relations and Information

Palestine Al-Ghad Association for Community Development organized an entertainment day in the chalets resort for more than 400 children and women, with the aim of improving the psychological, social and emotional level of marginalized children in the eastern regions of Gaza City and the northern governorates of Gaza, within the framework of the psychological and social support program provided by the association.

The event, which was supervised by the association's team, included several entertainment shows and activities aimed at supporting and improving the psychological state of children and mothers.

Dr. stated. Sanaa Thabet, the psychologist, said that the children and mothers who live in these two governorates suffer from difficult psychological and social conditions, as a result of the continuous targeting of the occupation, especially in the border areas, as there are many children who have lost their fathers, friends or brothers, and therefore these conditions reflect the reality of children in Gaza Strip. Gaza in general.

Dr. added. Thabet pointed out the important role played by the association in supporting women and children in Gaza City and its north, noting that the association is carrying out a series of educational and educational workshops and meetings to help mothers of children in dealing with the difficult conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through, especially after the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has Negative impact on the psyche and behavior of the targeted children.

Since its establishment, Palestine Al-Ghad has always responded to humanitarian crises and provided full support in various aspects of life for the Palestinian family in the Gaza Strip, especially “children and women” among them.