The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development finances the project to support the Poor Patient Fund in the Gaza Strip

Tomorrow’s Palestine / Department of Public Relations and Information – Gaza Strip

With generous funding from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Palestine Al-Ghad Association for Community Development in the Gaza Strip signed agreements with 7 operating hospitals in the Gaza Strip to support the Fund for the Poor Patient in private hospitals and health centers.

The “Palestine of Tomorrow” association stated that these agreements – funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development – are the first of their kind in the type of operations to be implemented in the Gaza Strip, “expressing its hope that” this project implemented by “Palestine of Tomorrow” will be an incentive and an example for others. , to direct part of their aid to the besieged Gaza Strip to alleviate this human tragedy.”

Adding that this project will alleviate the suffering of thousands of poor patients who need urgent surgeries and cannot wait because of the long waiting lists in government hospitals in the Gaza Strip for fear of deteriorating health conditions. This comes as an affirmation of the principle of true partnership between the official and private sectors of society, especially since the health sector in the Gaza Strip is managed by government institutions in addition to private health institutions.

Since its establishment, Palestine Al-Ghad has always responded to humanitarian crises and provided full support in various aspects of life to the Palestinian Gazan family, especially “children and women” among them.

At the end of a ceremony held by the Palestine Tomorrow Association for Community Development to launch the project “Supporting the Fund for the Poor Patient”, Palestine Al-Ghad extended its sincere thanks and gratitude to the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development for its generous and continuous support to support the Palestinian people and support their steadfastness and work to provide sustainable humanitarian assistance to alleviate the burdens under which many poor people suffer. The most needy, and the association affirmed its great belief in the necessity of shedding light and raising awareness about the needs of the poor in the Gaza Strip internally and the daily challenges they face.”